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Our Services & Treatments

My promise to you

My goals is to always provide clients with customized treatments to help them achieve their beauty goals while still maintaining their natural facial features.
Many times when we think of aesthetics we tend to associate this with drastic enhancements and unnatural results, my goals is to always maintain your natural beauty and to help you look refreshed and not over done.


Starting at $599

Morpheus8 is a revolutionary radiofrequency devise that helps remodel and rebuild your skin from the inside. Morpheus8 is an ideal treatment for clients looking to improve their facial appearance without undergoing laser or surgical procedures.

The Result?

This procedure improves skin elasticity, provides long term collagen production, remodels deep tissues of the face. Tissue remodelling helps contour the face, reduce fine lines, improves skin complexion, wrinkles, lifts facial tissue and adds volume to sunken areas.

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What can you expect?

Typically Morpheus8 is a painless procedure, topical numbing is applied onto treatment areas to provide comfort during the procedure, typically Morpheus8 has no downtime, so you can go back to your every day routine. Swelling and redness can be expected for 24 hours, depending on the client.

Morpheus8 Oakville ON

Morpheus8 Milton ON

Morpheus8 Mississauga ON

Morpheus8 Burlington ON

Morpheus8 Hamilton ON

Morpheus8 Stoney Creek ON

Morpheus8 Toronto ON

Did you know Morpheus8 can treat other skin issues?

Acne Scars: Morpheus8 is a remarkably effective treatment for acne scarring, it creates tiny abrasions in your skin which starts our natural bodies healing process. The healing process triggers your body to produce for collagen and elastin creating new health and improved smooth skin. 

Active Acne: Morpheus8 is a unique treatment to managing active acne as it stops the acne causing bacteria from the source. Morpheus8 can penetrate the skin at a variety of depths reaching as deep as 4-5mm. It eradicates this bacteria and targets and shuts down oil glands in the skin> This entire process eliminates acne from its source, when there is limited oil production, acne causing bacteria is unable to grow resulting in decreased and elimination of active acne!

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