lets talk about…Platelet rich plasma

made naturally in your body aka “liquid gold“

Treatment Areas: hair growth, skin rejuvenation, vaginal and clitoral sensation (O-Shot)

What is platelet rich plasma?

PRP is a treatment that uses your own blood platelets to stimulate tissue reiteration, cell growth, collagen production and can also enhance sensory and motor function.

The result?

PRP has been successfully used for skin rejuvenation, hair loss, vaginal dryness and increase clitoral sensation. PRP can reduce discolouration caused by sun-damage, acne-related scarring, mild to moderate lines and wrinkles and hydrates skin.

What can you expect?

Treatment time can be between 30-45 minutes and result times vary between treatment areas. There is no downtime, since this product is made of your own plasma there is very little chance of reaction some irritation, pain or bleeding may occur at the injection site. Depending of the treatment area you may need 1-3 sessions at 4-6 week intervals.

Lets talk about the O-Shot

The O-Shot was created by Dr. Charles Runels in the Unites States. The o-shot uses PRP to enhance, rejuvenate and significantly improving female sexual sensation and can assist in the reduction of urinary incontinence.

The O-Shot is expected to: Improve vaginal sensation, sexual function, increase vaginal muscular tone, increased sexual desire and arousal, heighten orgasm during sexual activity.

natural and balanced enhancements

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